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Straddle Fund started as a pack of traders in 2008. In 2008 the globe was hit hard by the great Economic recession, when the whole world was shivering Straddle was the only company in Chiasso, Svizzera to make 18 Million Profit. From then and there the influence of Straddle started to roll up the clouds. In 2016 james thought to make his company public but Svizzera still needed to make Cryptocurrency as legal. So James and the team started to pitch the ideas to mass and finally after a long relentless efforts Swiss municipality of Chiasso started accepting Bitcoins for all tax and other legal payments. ( ) Mayor Bruno Arrigoni gave the credit to James for this. Straddle Fund is a dedicated financial company that has been bullish in making the profit, No matter what the trend is we and our specialized AI teams takes care to Uplift the value of the asset that are invested. We are currently managing 88 Million asset in a single city of Chiasso.

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James Meier


Team Member

Travis Genella



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